Text Box: The Rope Access trade evolved naturally, simply because rock climbers thought they could apply their passion to carry out work-at-height better, faster and  cost efficiently.

They weren’t wrong.
Text Box: Initially developed from techniques used in climbing and caving, Rope Access is a form of
work positioning which applies practical rope work to cater for various needs. Since then,
Rope Access has taken over a big portion of the work-at-height industry.

The Rope Access trade not only supplies the industrial and commercial sector, but also 
encompasses many other trades. Fire departments and various other organizations, state or private, use Rope Access techniques for effective and fast rescues at heights. The military and special forces all around the world use Rope Access techniques for various reasons.

Similarly, the techniques are used on bungee bridges, movie stunts, rigging, inspection,
painting, cleaning, welding and installation. We can access and perform any application at height.

At Vertical Access, we are able to provide specialist staff with experience in very particular types of work. We have an exemplary safety record which derives from rigorous adherence