Where Does Vertical Access Work?

Rope access can be applied to both commercial and industrial sectors. Although there are many applications within the range of work carried out, a few common areas in which rope access companies mostly operate are listed below.


Inspection and Testing Safety surveys

- Structural surveys

- Non-destructive testing (NDT)

- Photographic analysis


Maintenance and repair Sealant installation and reinstatement

- Localized concrete repairs

- Secondary fixings

- Replacement of cladding panels

- Replacement of glazing panels


Cleaning and Painting

- Hydro blasting, grit blasting and manual preparations

- High pressure cleaning and preparation

- Spray painting

- Roller and brush applications

- Full surface preparation

- Window cleaning


Geotechnical (Civil Engineering)

- Permanent rock anchorage

- Soil nailing

- Sprayed concrete

- Rock fall prevention meshing

- Pressure pointing

Text Box: Photo By : Albert Smit