Text Box: SABS 0333-1:1999 - 
Code of Practice for Industrial Rope Access

This standard describes the operational work site procedures and methods to be observed by personnel using industrial rope access techniques and equipment.

A rope access work team shall consist of two or more persons:

      - a team leader; and

      - one or more rope access technicians.

A trainer access technician may be included in the work team, but shall not be permitted to carry out any rope access activity.

The team leader shall be qualified to SAIRAA level 3 (i.e. supervisor level), and the access technicians qualified to a minimum of SAIRAA level 1.

No rope access work shall be allowed to take place without the direct supervision of the team leader.

This standard describes the training and certification procedures to be followed in order for personnel to carry out industrial rope access work or to carry out training in this work - essentially it is a three-step process. Suitable personnel are trained, assessed and then certified.

There are three basic levels of qualification for rope access technicians as recognized by The Southern African Rope Access Association (SAIRAA) as also the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA), UK. These are:

Level 1

A rope access technician who is able to perform a limited range of rope access tasks under the supervision of a SAIRAA approved level 3 rope access supervisor.

Level 2

A rope access technician who is capable of rigging working ropes, undertaking rescues and performing rope access tasks under the supervision of a SAIRAA approved level 3 rope access supervisor.

Level 3

A rope access supervisor who is fully conversant with all work techniques, and who has a comprehensive knowledge of advanced rescue procedures.

No person shall perform rope access work without the appropriate certification as described above.

This standard describes the procedures that are required to be followed concerning inspection, certification and management procedures for equipment, to ensure that the equipment used for industrial rope access work is correctly identified, certified, inspected, marked and maintained.

Text Box: SABS 1833:1999 -
Specification for Equipment used in Industrial Rope Access Work

This standard describes the requirements for equipment used for industrial rope access work. It also lists local and international standards, which are acceptable for the manufacture and use of this type of equipment. As a consequence of the foregoing, responsible parties in the emerging rope access industry, got together and SAIRAA (South African Rope Access Association) was founded as an Association in January 1998. The name changed to RAFAA (Rope Access and Fall Arrest Association) early in 2005.

The main objective of the newly formed Association was to initially research, develop, and promote high standards in training, equipment, workmanship and service to the industry's publics, and simultaneously instill a culture of ethical conduct within the industry.